R Introduction


Ever wondered how prediction happens like Who will win the US elections? How many medals can our country get in Olympics? Which crop to grow in the land to get better yield? What is the best time for surge pricing for Cabs?

All the predictions are done with data and statistics. In this world we have lot’s of data around us be it Geographical, Agricultural, Spatial, Web browsing data. These data needs to be put into proper use to make better predictions using statistics. R is one such statistical programming language which helps us in performing analysis and reporting.

R is free and open source software which can be used in Windows, Linux and MAC. In all our tutorials we will be covering only about Windows. R is an implementation of S programming language. The source code of R software is written primarily in C, FORTRAN, and R. R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently developed by the R Development Core Team.

Why R?

  • Free and Open source hence easily extensible.
  • Vast data handling and storage.
  • Lot of operators to perform calculations just like any other programming language.
  • Large set of tools and libraries to perform data analysis.
  • Greater graphical and visual capabilities to display results.
  • Ability to integrate with C, C++, JAVA and other programming languages. Can also be connected to other databases like SQL, MySQL.
  • Great support from R community.

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